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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Eurasian Schools Debate Championship (ESDC)?

A: ESDC is a student-run English debating championship that takes place in Turkey annually. The tournament uses the World School Debate style.

Q: Will ESDC 2023 be face-to-face?

A: Yes, ESDC 2023 will be face-to-face at Robert College campus in İstanbul.

Q: How are the rounds managed in ESDC?

A: ESDC has a power-pairing method implemented in order to provide a fun but also competitive experience for all participants.

Q: Will there be motions released before the championship?

A: ESDC has both prepared and impromptu rounds so some of the motions will be released before the championship. The motions will be released on the home page of this website so don't forget to check this website for updates as the date of the event approaches. 

Q: How will the participants use CalicoTab?


Before the tournament, the personalized links of the debaters will be shared with their contact person. Through that link, the debaters will be able to view the tab, motions, and scoring while also being able to give feedback on their judges. 

The judges will have a personalized link shared with them as well. They will be expected to turn in their ballots through their link.

For all participants, it is crucial not to share their links with others.

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