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Chief Adjudicators' Panel

Kallina Basli

Kallina Basli has been a significant contributor to the world debate community as a Chief Adjudicator for more than 15 years. Her Eurasian Schools Debating Championship experience started in 2012 as a CA, and she has maintained being an integral part of ESDC since then. Besides her adjudication, she coaches the Greek national debate team for World Schools Debating Championship since 2009. She was also on the organization committee of WUDC 2016 in Thessaloniki.

Rok Hafner

Rok is an undergraduate student in International Relations at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has been debating since high school and through the years he has attended several international tournaments (also won some), mostly as a debater, but recently also as a judge and a coach. Rok was proud to represent Slovenia at WSDC 2015 in Singapore. He has attended WSDA as a debater twice, and this year he will be a crucial part of the ESDC.

Tasneem Elias

Tasneem began her debating career debating for IIU in Malaysia, and was the Overall Best Speaker and the Champion of the most major local competition. Regionally, she was twice Asians BP Debating Championship finalist & Top 10 Speaker. At the World stage, Tasneem was the Champion & Top 10 Speaker of the Worlds Universities Debating Championship (ESL). She was the DCA at WUDC, Australs, Pan-Africans as well as School competitions & IVs around Asia & the Middle East. She has coached/adjudicated at debate tournaments in over 15 countries worldwide. She is currently coaching and convening tournaments in Qatar as part of QatarDebate’s efforts to spread debate in the Middle East and North Africa.

Sharmila Parmanand

Sharmila was the co-CA of Athens EUDC 2019 and WSDC Mexico 2020. She has been in adjudication panels and served as a trainer in over 45 countries. Moreover, she was the CA of Berlin WUDC 2013, a two-time DCA of Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship, and has judged the Open Grand Finals of WUDC twice. She is a three-time Champion of Asians and a Grand Finalist of Australs. She is currently doing a PhD in Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar.

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